Product Description

A “must have” Stethoscope Holster is the best way to keep your stethoscope both readily available and safe. This Stethoscope Holster by Nurse Born clips conveniently onto any type of scrub, waistband, or belt.
Other holsters out there do not hold the stethoscope in place like this does. Nor do they offer a secure attachment to your uniform. This holster does both and was designed by a nurse!
The Nurse Born Stethoscope Holster offers an ease of use allowing the user to securely store the stethoscope, on a temporary basis, while on the move within their work environment. The Nurse Born Stethoscope Holster can hold a stethoscope in almost any configuration. It fits most stethoscopes including some electronic models.
The Nurse Born Stethoscope Holster is constructed of durable plastic, it has two moving jaws that are pivotally connected through a spring that keeps the jaws securely closed position. One for the scope and one to attach to your uniform.